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White Lotus ITA/Display Backpack and Crossbody Bag

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Join the secret society—but make it obvious. Combine the imagery of the White Lotus and a bold statement bag to really show off your love for your favorite uncle!

The combination of applique border and screen printed insert makes up the iconic design in a warm toned, eye catching bag!

The main pouch of the bag is 13”x13”x4”, with a 10”x10” display window.

The size can hold small books, iPads, Nintendo Switch, and other personal items easily! This eye catching bag is perfect for protecting your teas and snacks on a journey!


-The front panel has a separate zipper for easy insert removal and pin organizing

-Comes with FREE screenprinted insert. Each insert has a velcro stabilizer so it won’t shift while traveling!

-Adjustable backpack straps! Shortest length: 19” / Longest length: 35”

-FREE Crossbody strap included! Shortest length: 25” / Longest length: 48”

-Two D-rings on side of bag for easy change to crossbody style- D-Rings are also perfect for keychains!

-Each zipper pull is a cute silver star

-FOUR inner pockets for more secure storage! One open pocket, one zipper pocket, and two small open pockets- both large enough to fit a wallet or large smart phone